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Sensor For Outdoor Security turns out more crucial in terms of their performance in extreme temperature conditions and possibility of fooling them by the intruder. A NEGAVEEZ SECURE offers security and convenience in the areas that they cover. Motion sensor is an intelligent device which detects IR Rays emitted by Human Body and controls the ON-OFF operation of electrical loads. When it detects movement inside its detection area, it automatically turns ON the Load (Siren or Security System). Tamper Switch is provided to give an alarm if someone tries to tamper the unit. Additionally, if someone tries to cover the unit with any object so that human movement should not be detected, additional PROXIMITY SENSOR alarm output is provided. Proximity Sensor Detects any object in the vicinity of 100mm with an in built intelligence that if an object is consistently in front of sensor for more than 30 sec, then only output alarm is generated. Thus NEGAVEEZ SECURE Offer you a Valid, FOOL-PROOF Intrusion Signal which can be used with Siren or any Higher End Automation System for SECURITY.

Coverage and detection pattern

Coverage and detection pattern
  • PIR Sensor : Highly sensitive Dual Element PYRO Electric Sensor
  • Sensing angle: 120 degrees
  • Sensing distance: 6-7 Meters
  • AC 140V AC to 270V AC / DC 12V / DC 24 Volt versions are also available Mention while ordering***
  • Time setting: Setting from 3 sec (test mode) to 5 minutes to turn OFF loads after the last detected Motion.
  • PROXIMITY SENSING: The unit gives TROUBLE ALARM (YELLOW LED) if anyone tries to cover the unit. A proximity sensor is being placed on the front access which detects distance of an object within 100mm. When an object is continuously detected for more than 30 sec, it will give trouble indication (yellow LED ON).
  • TAMPER Proofing: The unit gives an output signal when someone tries to tamper the unit.
  • Current capacity : 5A
  • Operating Temperature : -10oC to 50oC
  • Protection class: Enclosure is protected from environmental conditions that are water and dust- IP65 grade with Mounting Plate with Steel Hood

Connection diagram

Connection diagram
PIR sensor with PROXIMITY Sensor & Tamper Switch
Steel Grey
 PIR sensor & Tamper Switch
Steel Grey
PIR Sensor only
Steel Grey