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A NEGAVEEZ Dusk to Dawn switch offers energy saving and convenience in the areas with a PHOTO sensor. This senses the ambient light conditions in the surrounding area and switches ON-OFF the lighting load. The darkness level in the surrounding is settable. It is in-built with an additional timer which TURNS ON Light in the evening and switches OFF after 4 hours/6 hours/ 8 hours / Morning for energy saving operation. Thus it provides artificial light only when it is needed. This reduces the large amount of energy wastage and helps in making the most energy efficient lightings.
  • Operating voltage range: 140V AC to 270V AC Overvoltage/Under voltage protection
  • Time setting: Intelligent light ON-OFF mode setting is provided.
  • Additional energy saving setting:
    1. Dusk to dawn mode: Turn ON-dusk turn OFF at dawn.
    2. Dusk+ 8 hours: Turn ON-dusk turn OFF after 8 hours.
    3. Dusk+ 6 hours: Turn ON-dusk turn OFF after 6 hours.
    4. Dusk+ 4 hours: Turn ON-dusk turn OFF after 4 hours.
  • Shorting link is to be placed according to the instructions provided in the instruction manual.
  • Darkness setting: Potentiometer is provided to set the darkness level at which you want the lights to turn ON.
  • Auto/Manual switch:
    1. Auto mode: Represents default functioning as per dusk to dawn mode timing.
    2. Manual mode: For maintenance purpose or to switch the loads on normal mode all the lights can be turned ON.
  • Current capacity : 5A
  • Operating Temperature : -10oC to 50oC
  • Protection class: IP55 Enclosure is protected from environmental conditions that are water and dust.